Product ID: Smart-Rail
Vendor: Health Craft

Your key to bed mobility and independence! For many of us, getting in and out of bed can be quite a chore. Sometimes, a little extra support is all that is needed to get you up and going. The Smart-Rail™ is an innovative bed assist rail designed for those of us requiring a little help for moving, standing and transferring in and out of bed. Unlike fixed-style bed rails, our Smart-Rail™ can unlock and pivot outwards to provide better standing support with less reaching and twisting.

  • Independence - no more waiting for a helping hand! The Smart-Rail™ reduces the need for assistance during standing or transferring. You have the proper support where you need it, when you need it.
  • Reduced Injury Risk - unlike fixed-style bed rails, its unique outward position makes standing safer and easier by reducing the need to reach and twist.
  • Simple Operation - rail unlocks with a gentle lift to pivot outward
  • Easy Installation - standard model fits twin to king size beds. Simply slide the support frame between the box spring and mattress, secure with safety straps, and set the rail height.
  • Adjustable - standard rail height is 30" / 76 cm which may be increased up to 34" / 86 cm with the optional leg extenders, for taller users.
  • Options Include - model available for Invacare® home care style beds

Support Frame
32x24"/82x61cm rigid tubular steel construction. Finished with baked enamel for durability. Traction Grips prevent the Smart-Rail™ from slipping while in use.

Support Rail
0.875"/2.22cm diameter. Strong tubular steel construction. Height adjustable. Gray rubber cane tips prevent slipping and protect floor. 30"/76cm height x 16"/41cm wide.

Rail Grip
1.25"/3.2cm diameter. Gray, deluxe foam grip. Does not contain latex.

Smart-Rail™ Leg Extender
Increases rail height range to 31-34.5"/79-88cm. Sold separately.

Weight Capacity

SR-S Smart-Rail™ for Box Spring & Mattress Beds. 300lbs/136kg 30"/76cm
SR-LE Smart-Rail™ Leg Extender. 300lbs/136kg 31-35"/78-89cm

Note: VERTICAL LOAD BEARING ONLY. Product intended for moderate vertical weight bearing on rail only. Do not use if sideward (lateral) support is needed. Avoid rail latch unlocking - Ensure that rail is at least 2"/50mm off floor when rail is in locked position. (Soft type box spring beds can compress downward under load allowing support frame to move down, and rail to become unlatched). Do not use on wet or slippery floors. Do not use with electric or hospital style beds. Both supplied straps must be installed for secure operation. Product intended for moderate assist with sitting up and standing only.