Advantage-Rail™ / Pole Portable

Product ID: Advantage-Rail / Pole Portable
Vendor: Health Craft

Now you can take it with you or simply move it out of the way when it is not needed. Each portable model quickly secures and releases from a low profile floor mounted plate.

Additional floor plates can be purchased to use Advantage Rail™ / Pole™ Portable in multiple locations.

Features and Benefits

Quick fastening and removal in typically 30 seconds.

Innovative fastening system includes three captive knobs, "snap down" alignment pin, and visual alignment dimple & sight-hole. Specially designed knobs automatically retract up when not secured to prevent scratching of floor or damage to knob thread.

Toe friendly
Low profile floor plates - only 3/8" with mitered edge - ADA compliant!

Install one floor plate to allow occasional use and removal or install multiple floor plates to allow one rail to be moved to many different locations.

Advantage Rail™ / Pole™ stores upright in closet with plastic base pad to prevent marring of floors in storage area.

Technical Specifications

Floor Plate
Six hole floor screw pattern (6 X 3/8" holes on 6.75"/17cm diameter).

Weight Capacity
Standard model 300lbs/136kg capacity.
Bariatric model 450lbs/205kg capacity.
Advantage Pole 450lbs/205kg capacity.


AR-PT Advantage Rail™ Portable 300lbs/136kg
AR-PT-HD Advantage Rail™ Bariatric Portable 450lbs/205kg
AR-AP-P Advantage Pole™ Bariatric Portable 450lbs/205kg
AR-AP-P-HD Advantage Rail™ Bariatric Portable 450lbs/205kg
AR-FP Advantage Rail™ Floor Plate N/A

Note: The Advantage Rail™ Portable should only be installed in areas where the floor is structurally sound. If you are not equipped to undertake the outlined work we recommend that you have your Advantage Rail™ Portable installed by a qualified contractor. Unit must be secured to floor with fasteners appropriate to the floor material - fasteners must be rated for at least 450lbs/205kg retention force each (see within for recommendations). Floor mount fasteners should be inspected monthly and tightened if necessary.

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